Wednesday, April 3, 2013

WIP Wednesday

I wish I wasn't, but I am one of those crocheters who has a bazllion projects going all at once. I'll spare you taking photos of all of them, but here are my worthy WIPs and a just finished project:

First up is my finished project, the bobble blanket featured on Maybe Matilda. I love the deep teal color (its actually much darker in person) and that it is perfect for a boy or girl. It's also available for sale in my shop here.

First WIP is another one of these blankets, but for a friend who is having a baby girl pretty soon. This was a special request from the hubby, so of course I said yes. Its going much faster this time with a bigger hook, but to be honest, I love the tightness of the smaller hook used in the blanket above.

Last up is my first ever tunisian crochet project. I can't say I love the process, but it is a gift for the hubby, so every stitch is worth the swear words that come out. I do like the finished project, but the finished look is professional. I can't wait to see how this blanket comes together.

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