Thursday, May 30, 2013

It's been a bit...

It has been awhile....

but I promise I have been missing-in-action for a very good reason.

My sweet baby girl, my first born, the one who first gave me the title of mommy,
turned 5 years old.

And well, we felt that was pretty darn important.

So we took her and the little guy to Disneyland (and my sister joined in the fun too).

This is the birthday girl and my sister in California Adventure

We had such a good time, and most importantly, the big 5 year old had a blast!

I still remember the day she was born, every second of it. It brings me such joy to remember that day, but sad at how fast time goes by when you're in the day-to-day routine of everything.

She will be starting kindergarten this year, and from what I've been told, once they enter "the school system", time goes by even faster.

I'm not ready for that. I want her chubby cheeks to always stay chubby. I want her curiosity about everything to never fade. I want her imagination to always be present, and allow her the hours of play time that she has now. I want her to always have the ability giggle over the most ridiculous things in life (a little potty humor, anyone?)

But alas, time goes on, and she continues to grow right before our eyes.

I can tell you this, my sweet & silly E:
you will always be that carefree girl in my eyes
and I promise you a childhood full of adventures, just like you love.

Mommy loves you to the moon and back, sweet girl.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

WIP Wednesday 5/1

Happy May Day everyone!

I don't know how your households are fairing this spring, but this last week has done a real number on my two little ones. Both suffer from bad allergies and asthma, with the youngest classified as chronic/severe. Well those spring winds and blooming what-not's have reared their ugly heads and knocked both kids out this past week. I think we are *knock on wood* finally over the worst of it, but with the way things go, that could change at any minute.

I did manage to get a little bit of crocheting done this week, but it wasn't what I would have liked. I had an order for a newborn photo prop set of a beautiful hat with a large flower and diaper cover - done in grey and pale pink. It was GORGEOUS! I never put those colors together, but I'm thinking I may need to add a blanket of something to the shop in those colors. I can't seem to get them out of my mind! I finished the items and immediately took them over to our friend, so I didn't get a good shot of the set. Hopefully she'll get some good shots with the photographer!

Next up is the Crazy Blanket - I did NOTHING on it. But I think I figured out why it went so wonky. Its a HUGE blanket, and the stripes are vertical, so its crazy long. I used cheap worsted yarn I had in my stash, so I'm thinking the weight of the blanket is just too much and pulling it. It's beyond doing a blocking save, so it will definitely be a blanket that stays in the house (maybe hidden upstairs).

I started yet another baby bobble blanket for the supply at home with my stash. I have a show at the end of May, and those are so popular. Hopefully I'll be able to get a couple done before then. Here's the Baby Bobble Blanket started in ivory (about 1/3 done):

This is seriously my favorite non-pattern. I make it up as I go size-wise and I really don't have to think much while doing it.

Sadly, that blanket is the only one I have a photo of this week. I started a chevron blanket too, in blues/browns/ivory and I am loving that one, but I've only got a couple rows started. I promise I will have much done on it by next week and have a good photo to share ;-)