Wednesday, April 24, 2013

WIP Wednesday 4/24

So I have a little progress this week, but its definitely been a week of project struggles.

First up is the Crazy Blanket. I did zero on it this week, however, when laying it out to take the picture, I realized it's curving. Bad. I've added a bunch of stitches somewhere, and it is such a PITA to go back and fix it. I now officially hate this blanket, but here it is:

Next up is my favorite Beach Blanket, which I didn't get to work on a ton this week, but I am just a few rows from finishing the pale pink. Still my favorite, although now I think it's curving too. I will definitely be blocking this one:

I picked up the Tunisian police theme blanket this week. It's quite tedious, so I had given myself a break from it. Did three rows, realized a mistake made five rows back, frogged it and redid the rows plus 3 more. Like I said, it's been a rough crochet week for me. Hubby's gonna owe me a weekend away once this thing is finished (it's per his request):

Last up is a giant granny square blanket, made as one continuous square. I love the grannies, but I started this one with cotton and I'm not loving it at all. It's only going to be baby blanket size, so it should go quickly. I don't like cotton yarn for some reason, so I'm not sure what possessed me to follow a pattern using it, but it will definitely be the last. I will be going back to my first love of worsted. No more of this cotton nonsense unless I'm making washcloths or dish towels. Here it is:

Here's hoping your crochet week is going MUCH better than mine :-)

Happy Hooking!

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Kitty Rose said...

Fab blankets. Could it be the weigh of the yarn making the first one bend? I personally dont have the patience for large blankets so I commmend you for having several on the go :)

Edda SoffĂ­a said...

I like the beach blanket, the colors are so vibrant.
Hugs from Iceland where it is snowing right now.

Chickypoo209 Boutique said...

You know, you might be right! It is very, very heavy. The bobbles seem to add extra weight :-(

Kymberly said...

I love the beach blanket. So colorful.

Richard Rose said...

The blankets look great, even if a couple are a bit wonky.

Ana BC said...

Very nice projects! sorry to hear about the first one, because the colours looks really nice ;-)

Chickypoo209 Boutique said...

I think its the yarn used, for such a big blanket, I should have used a much lighter weight yarn (a 2 or 3 weight). I was not planning on the crazy blanket getting so.. well, crazy. :-/ Lesson learned!

Thanks everyone for the lovely comments!