Wednesday, April 10, 2013

WIP Wednesday

A little progress this week - yay!
First, I finished the second baby blanket with the bobbles. I experimented and used the same yarn but a bigger hook (5.5). I didn't think the difference would be significant but it was. The stitch was noticeably bigger, so I have to say I'll not be using the bigger size. The smaller stitch is so much more appealing, in my opinion.

I started a beach color blanket for one of the next Christmas gifts, and while the stitch takes forever, it is AWESOME!! I'm using yarn I have, so it's a stash buster too - even better! The stitch is the woven stitch, a very simple sc, ch1, sc, repeat pattern. I love the way the colors overlap each other.

Still working on the ginormous crazy (bobble) blanket with the colors and order chosen by my husband and 4 year old - thus the reason for being called the crazy blanket.

Definitely will be a bright addition to the house when it's finished, although that one is the slowest moving blanket EVER because of its massive size (it's queen sized, which I thought was a great idea in the beginning. It's not.)

Happy Hooking!

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TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

That is so adorable... you are extremely creative!

linda said...

It's a lovely blanket really pretty, all your projects are looking good, I love the look of the bright coloured one, so cheerful :)


I love the color of your very pretty blanket. Hugs Judy

Hilde said...

Great stash-buster projects, your crochet work is beautiful :)

Chickypoo209 Boutique said...

Thanks everyone! I'm having so much fun busting my stash in this challenge - hopefully I can get through a bunch of it :-)

Edda SoffĂ­a said...

What a pretty project you have there. I really like the stitch in the beach blanket, I think I have to try it out.
Hugs from Iceland