Thursday, March 28, 2013

Finally Finished My Fancy Cowl!

So why do I call it my Fancy Cowl? The yarn is only available in Europe, of course! I have been coveting this cowl :

on the shop. It's a free pattern, so I finally broke down and ordered the yarn. I love the matte color combination, and the pattern was pretty easy - although I did change it up with a decrease so the cowl would drape more at the shoulders.

Let me tell you - I am THRILLED with it! I rarely keep anything for myself, but I had to make the exception for this one. I have since found yarn to replicate the colors (and reduce the cost of it by 2/3), so if you want one for yourself, just let me know :-)

Happy Hooking!


Ana BC said...

Welcome to the Stash-buster Challenge! This scarf is a perfect project for that. I LOVE it!!! So colorful and fun. I will add your name to the list now...and remeber to post the link to your projects @ Linda's Link Party, so the others can see them. Welcome!

Chickypoo209 Boutique said...

Thanks! I'm excited to be a part!