Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Operation Ugly Backyard

Ok, first off, I should be clear. Its not that my backyard is horrific. It's not. It's just, well, horribly plain. Insanely plain (think track home plain - gasp). We have done nothing special to it since we moved in 2.5 years ago (hey - we're busy!). We decided this summer is going to be the one where we start doing some improvements to the yard. We're on .25 acre, so its not gonna be an easy feat. but we have some simple ideas to get started on.

So Mr. Chickypoo decided our side yard needs a garden of some sort. A couple of months ago, he purchased a bunch of seeds and he planted them all in starter containers and covered my nice dining room table with these little round dirt pods. Fast forward a few weeks and he had a ton of super green thriving little plants ready to go in the ground. So after some nagging suggesting from me, out they went to the side yard where they were going to be planted the upcoming weekend.

And then the heavy windstorm hit.

That weekend.

And all the little plants went off to plant heaven.

So round two of the 2011 garden has begun. Off to the store went Mr. Chickypoo cursing to round up some already started plants (that didn't look near as good as the ones he had started on his own).

And rounded up an insane amount of dirt (those bags wrap around the entire yard!)

And off to work he went. Planting, planting, planting.

I am so excited for all the yummy goodies coming our way:
3 different types of tomatoes
4 types of bell peppers
habanero peppers
2 types of jalapenos
various herbs (yay for cilantro!)
a few other peppers that I can't recall at the moment...
Too ambitious straight out of the shoot? I don't care. I'm super exicted!

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